Pomegren - When a Namek reflected energy waves from one of Frieza's henchmen, Pomegen was zapped. He kills 18 where she stands, engulfing her completely in a Ki blast, before finishing 17 off like he’s nothing– avenging Gohan and restoring peace to the future. Android 18 - Destroyed by Trunks with an energy blast to the face, point blank. RELATED: Dragon Ball Z: Every Main Character Death In Order. Android 18 (Future) - Killed by Trunks with an energy wave to the face, completely destroying her. Krillin was later wished back with Namek Dragonballs. Trunks described that there are now two parallel universes: one in which Goku is alive and another where all warriors are dead. Was wished back with the Dragonballs. He gains valuable experience over the course of the Cell arc, both through fighting and by training with Vegeta in the Room of Spirit and Time, which ultimately allows Trunks to return to his future ready to take on Androids 17 and 18. This was show in the credits, as a means of implying that the sword Trunks used against Frieza was the one Tapion gave him. I see it as Goku and Frieza fight 1v1 while the other Z-Fighters kick the crap out of Frieza's men. Krillin - Turned into chocolate and eaten by Super Buu. Trunks first appears in chapter #331 The Young Boy of Mystery (謎の少年, Nazo no Shōnen), published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on July 15, 1991. Those who may not have been wished back will be marked with an asterisk (*) . The Dictator (Adolf Hitler) - Destroyed by Gotenks's Ghost Kamikaze Attack. When Gohan punches Cell. He was identical to Kid Buu at the time. Post New Message; ... Frieza got stomped in the manga as well, it's only the anime that makes it looks like it was an even fight. This is the first Trunks that the readers and/or viewers ever see in the manga and anime. King Vegeta - Killed by Frieza with an uppercut. Mikokatsun - Plowed through by Goku using the Kaioken Attack, deflating and killing him. Trunks arrives to kill Frieza and King Cold. Like with Androids 17 and 18, Trunks makes short work of Cell, killing him before the fight can even really start. Was later wished back with Namek Dragonballs. All the same, Trunks’ relationship with his father has changed considerably since training together, the boy doing everything not to hurt his father’s pride– even holding back his true power. Unfortunately, the raw power Trunks gets from Grade 3 results in him whiffing every shot. Android 14 - Chopped in half by Trunks with his sword, and exploded after death. Maloja - When Bio-Broly destroyed the tanks containing acidic culture fluid, it flooded Jaguar's lab and entered Maloja's room, killing him as he attempted to escape with Jaguar's money. Chiaotzu - Killed when Kid Buu blew up the earth. Captain Strong - Punched into the sky by Captain Ginyu. Minotia - Stomped on by Hirudegarn's lower half. He is the classmate of Goku under Master Roshi's tutelage; [] initially his rival but later a friend, and a loyal companion in adventures thereafter. The one in orange was slammed by Dodoria into a cliff wall. Was later wished back with Namek Dragonballs. Royal military - Destroyed by Cell with an energy wave. (This is Future Trunks). Angila - Shot a breath blast at Goku, which he sent back at him and it went down his throat. He was never seen again afterward. Still, it’s in service to the story and Gohan’s overall arc. Previous West Kai - Destroyed by Majin Buu with an energy blast. Flat Head (worm) - Killed along with his brother and father when Kid Buu blew up the earth. A year and a half after planet Namek's destruction, many of the characters of Dragon Ball Z begin to regain a normal life. Group fights don’t happen all too often in Dragon Ball, but Dragon Ball Z tends to at least feature one big group battle in the Saiyan, Namek, and Cell arcs. No matter how hard Cell pummels Gohan, he simply can’t get the fight out of him that Goku promised. Dr. Gero - Head cut off by Android 17, then blown up by 18 with a finger beam. (Many of Frieza's followers across the universe are killed by Vegeta as he searches for Goku). Trunks fighting Cell Jr. is more just something he’s doing rather than an important part of his list fights. 4. And I think Frieza would like to kill Goku himself. Cell (present) - the Cell of the present, still in his tank and in larval form, was killed by Krillin and Trunks with an energy wave, as they were destroying Dr. Gero's secret lab and preventing another Cell from appearing. Bardock - Along with all the other Saiyans, was killed when Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta, and was hit by the energy ball before the explosion. Dai Kaio - Absorbed by Majin Buu, turning him into the fat Buu. Zangya - Bojack pushed her in front of him and destroyed her with an energy ball to distract Gohan. Ending up in Earth's Hell after being killed by Future Trunks, Frieza spends the next fourteen years being tortured by playful antics of an overly saccharine cadre of angels and fairies while reliving the memories of his defeats at the hands of Goku and Trunks. Kami - Killed when Kid Buu blew up the earth, as he was fused with Piccolo, and was later wished back. This is the first time we see two Super Saiyans at the same time. Four Saiyan Snipers - When Frieza tried out the scouters for the first time after being promoted by his father King Cold to ruling the Saiyans, he noticed several Saiyans were ready to assassinate him so he killed each of them with Death Beams in the towers they were hiding in. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. In Future Trunks's timeline, other characters suffer deaths, which don't occur in the main timeline due to Trunks and (to an extent) Cell changing history, but are nonetheless left unchanged in his timeline. DBZ Trunks vs Perfect Cell [part 2/7] … Flying Nimbus - Killed when Kid Buu blew up the earth. Not only is it a new character, he can mysteriously turn into a Super Saiyan. Master Roshi - Turned into chocolate and eaten by Super Buu. I dunno, I'd imagine cutting Frieza straight down the middle kinda made him easy pickings :V RELATED: Dragon Ball: 10 Fights You Didn’t Know Were Anime Filler. All were wished back except the evil ones. Trunks is a slim yet well-built young man of below average height and light skin-color; his facial features and skin-tone are inherited from his father. When absorbing humans, Cell would stab the victim with the sharp stinger on his tail, and then suck them in a bit at a time. Kami - Was automatically killed when Nappa killed Piccolo, as the two Namekians were originally one. Oggers - Punched into the sky by Captain Ginyu because he didn't have enough style to be on the Ginyu Force. He is killed by King Piccolo's spawn Tambourine, but later revived by Shenron. Neiz - Fried by Piccolo, who, after being electrocuted, grabbed him and electrocuted him. Android 17 (Future) - Knocked down and destroyed by Trunks with an energy wave. Krang - Was destroyed with the rest of Paragus's followers when Broly shot energy waves around the area and blew up Paragus's palace. Even with being a Super Saiyan on his side, Trunks comes from a desolate future where everyone in the main cast is long dead. Though it's been years since Frieza was first killed by Trunks' sword, he's still held a grudge against Trunks for so many years. Oh gosh no... what did they do to you Gohan? King Vegeta – Killed by Frieza with a single punch in the anime. His body vanished after death. Was later wished back with Namek Dragonballs. This was undone when Whis turned time back. Trunks - Strangled by Cell with his tail. A repeat of the following in Trunks's timeline was prevented by him becoming stronger to fight Cell. A one-stop shop for all things video games. They are still waiting for the day when Goku finally returns home. It makes for a nice lead-in into the Cell Games. Previous South Kai - Absorbed by Majin Buu. Kibito - Destroyed by Dabura with an energy wave. If this was not the deathblow, then Goten and Trunks killed him offscreen, as the villagers are shown eating him afterwards. He also helped Goku with heart disease. "Gohan, why'd you have to do it, why'd you have to leave me? Was later wished back with the Namekian Dragonballs. His fight against Frieza is over before it starts, with Trunks immediately going in for a kill– a rarity for, Dragon Ball Z: All Of Future Trunks' Fights, Ranked, Dragon Ball Z: Every Main Character Death In Order, Dragon Ball: 10 Fights You Didn’t Know Were Anime Filler, 10 Best Episodes Of The Buu Saga From Dragon Ball Z (According To IMDb), Dragon Ball Z: All Of Frieza’s Fights From Worst To Best, Ranked, Bleach: 10 Plot Points That Were Abandoned Before The Ending, Demon Slayer: Does Tanjiro Have A Love Interest? (Note: Is resurrected in Resurrection F, which appears to only take place in the canon of Dragonball Kai) It's not fair! Bulma - Turned into chocolate and eaten by Super Buu. Big Gete Star - Its main body was destroyed with Cooler, but its chip remained. Ginger - Killed by Goku with a Kamehameha. Monster - Punched in the face by Trunks. Was later wished back with Namek Dragonballs. Upon slicing Frieza to ribbons and blasting him into dust, King Cold looks on at Trunks rather impressed. Trunks can only watch in horror as his father allows Cell to absorb Android 18, becoming Perfect and potentially condemning this timeline to an even worse future than Trunks’. 4:38. Strock - Killed offscreen by Ginyu because he didn't have enough style to be on the Ginyu Force. Was later wished back with the Dragonballs. When Goku powers up against Cell. King Cold - Presumably was killed by Goku. It’s not much of a fight though and entirely in the background. Spike is also excluded despite being a devil by species). Not just that, this is the first time Goku has to confront the notion of being a Super Saiyan. The deaths of Goku and the other Z Fighters are presumably the same. Mr. Popo - Turned into chocolate and eaten by Super Buu. Trunks Turns SSJ against Frieza (True 1080p HD) - YouTube. Gohan - Was killed by 17 and 18 years after the deaths of the other Z Fighters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The sole beacon of hope in his dark future, Trunks fights harder than any character in, Cold swings the blade at Trunks, expecting that it was the sword and not the man that fell Frieza, but Trunks kills Cold with virtually no effort. Not only that, but he pulled off something that no one in DBZ was able to do: eliminate Frieza once and for all. The strongest fighter there other than Vegeta, Trunks naturally takes charge through most of the fight, but he cannot compete with the Androids whatsoever– noting that they’re even stronger than in his timeline. Was later wished back with the Dragonballs. Trunks is no non-sense, which is why he sliced through Frieza's army immediately. It is unknown if he still lives within him. With the exception of Dead Zone, and likely Battle of Gods and Resurrection F (which seem to take place in Kai), all movies are non-canon, evidenced by plot holes. Was later wished back with Namek Dragonballs. Was presumably wished back with the rest of Cell's victims, but was never seen again in the series. Where they once gave Trunks hell, killing every single character in the main cast other than Goku, Trunks is able to defeat them both with ease. Despite the half-Saiyan killing Frieza, Cold is impressed and even offers Trunks to become his brand new son in Frieza’s place. Dr. Gero - Was killed by 17 and 18 when he awakened them. He shows no hesitation and can even read the intent of Trunks’ strikes. He was trying out for the Ginyu Force, but when Ginyu found out he was a captain (one of Frieza's captains), he killed him, saying "There's only one captain on the Ginyu Forces and that's me!". His body was left intact, but vanished after death. Especially in the manga where the end of the Frieza arc and the start of the Cell arc are connected, Future Trunks’ first appearance feels like a sucker punch in the best way possible. Frieza - Chopped in half by Trunks with his sword, sliced into bits and destroyed with an energy blast. Chi-Chi - Turned into an egg and stomped on by Super Buu. He has blue eyes, and hair colored either lavender, purple or blue depending on the media, that is soft and straight that parts from the top of his head to frame both sides of his face reaching his ears with two loose strands over his forehead; traits he inherited from his mother. Widely considered to… Mr. Theater. Hoy - Accidentally stomped on by Hirudegarn. Android 17 - Killed by Cell's selfdestruct, as he was still inside him, unlike 18. Lesoy - Killed by Vegeta with a finger beam to the face. Future Trunks is a loyal and uncompromising warrior, and can be slightly cocky at times. In his childhood… Shenron - In a sense, was destroyed when Kid Buu blew up the earth, and the Dragonballs with it. Marvin - Head blown up by Babidi with a magic curse, as he only knew the names of the ones Babidi was seeking (Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo) and not their locations. tends to at least feature one big group battle in the Saiyan, Namek, and Cell arcs. King Kai - Killed by Cell's selfdestruct. King Moai - Rock shot through his chest by Vegeta. Was later wished back with the Dragonballs. Was later wished back with Namek Dragonballs. He normally has four forms, though he has an additional Mecha form, a Golden Form, and also a few additional video game exclusive forms. Goku - Died of a heart virus that there was no antidote for at the time. Videl - Turned into chocolate and eaten by Super Buu. Ebifurya - Knocked into a wall by Goku with the Kaioken Attack. This isn’t so much a fight as it is a sparring session between Future Trunks and Goku, but it’s still an incredibly important moment in Trunks’ roster of skirmishes. Rich man - Absorbed by Cell. Dr. Gero - Head kicked off by 17, then stomped on and crushed. Killing Frieza and King Cold back to back solidifies Trunks as one of the most practical characters in Dragon Ball. RELATED: 10 Best Episodes Of The Buu Saga From Dragon Ball Z (According To IMDb). Dabura - Turned into a cookie and eaten by Majin Buu. Was not wished back with the other Nameks, as the wish was to revive only those killed by Frieza and his gang.