Mia: Uncomfortable silences. “The Terminator” series is a story about a war between artificially intelligent (AI) machines and humans that is going on in the future. The movies are about Harry Potter, a wizard, and all of his magical adventures. Notice how the movie scene helps you learn useful English words in context! Why learn English with movies? If you like learning English through movies and online media, you should also check out FluentU. English Attack. You got me into your house. I’m sure that one of the first phrases you wanted to learn in English was “I love you.” But did you imagine that depending how you say it out loud, it can be very different? Just watch a single scene or even section each week (perhaps 2-3 minutes). And here we have it, our top seven recommendations for movies to learn English! Get started today by requesting your free 15-minute consultation with OTUK! Both ‘learned’ and ‘learnt’ mean the same thing here. Select a movie that matches your current English level. Watch and listen to it 4 times. And FluentU remembers your progress and uses it to recommend videos to you. Join thousands of teachers and professors who use movies to enrich classes & drive assignments. A great all-time classic, and a masterpiece of great technical complexity! Even movie trailers, like you’ll see in this FluentU video. As you might expect from a film about a prison, there is lots of legal language in The Shawshank Redemption. Together, they set out on an amazing adventure to find Nemo across the huge ocean! Here are a few of the most common, with examples: Cast – all of the actors and actresses in a film “Immersion doesn’t mean you have to pack your bags and move to Europe” SECTION 1: Movie Clips Learning through media (movies, music, etc.) This means he is a ‘groundskeeper’, or somebody who takes care of the land. What better way to learn English than with the King of England? Watch the video, and pay attention to it! Jordana tells Oliver to ‘shut up’, which is a rude way of saying ‘be quiet’ or ‘stop talking’. Let’s take a look! I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but it’s a great film to watch for all audiences—one of the best animated films of all time! This is why you should also try the following method if you want to learn English with movies. These are very commonly used by native speakers in everyday conversation. The Effortless English movie technique, as described in AJ’s book, is a powerful method for completely mastering the vocabulary, phrases, grammar, and pronunciation you hear in movies. You can see from the extract that this movie uses quite difficult English words. Supported languages: 简体中文 हिंदी Español Português Pусский Français Bahasa Indonesia Türkçe Learn English by simply watching videos. I have a voice! It does use some longer words, though, such as ‘fearsome’, which means something that is frightening or scary. Collection of English Youtube videos with subtitles. Brits are famous for this type of humour and it forms an important part of UK culture. In the next films, Jack goes on to find the Dead Man’s Chest, which contains the heart of Captain Davy Jones, someone he owes a favor to. There are captions that are interactive. You can see all of these learning benefits in action by checking out the following video, which breaks down a scene from the famous 1999 comedy film “Office Space.”. You know, I don’t have any idea what that means. Notice the word ‘rehabilitated’. You have such perseverance, Bertie. Perhaps you’re still wondering if you can really learn English with movies. This course is compatible with any other methods of improving or studying English. With an easy-to-use, cutting-edge mobile app, you can take your learning with you everywhere. Download: His ‘mama’ told him not to ‘take rides’ from strangers, which means ‘get in the car with’. Over twenty years, he makes friends with a black prisoner called Red, who is played by Morgan Freeman. 09629443, Email: info@onlineteachersuk.com What do you really want to know? Finally, Jack is forced to looks for the Fountain of Youth, which is a magical fountain which promises the drinker eternal youth. “Finding Nemo” is an animated English film about a clownfish called Marlin who loses his son Nemo. 1. This piece is just six minutes long and only has one character. Some of the accents and slang can be difficult to understand. Hawking says he is a ‘cosmologist’, which means he studies the beginning of the universe. Well, now let me see. Without realising it, Forrest takes part in some important moments in history, such as the Vietnam War, and teaching Elvis Presley how to dance! Using this method, you study and practice each scene of a movie– learning it deeply before moving on to the next scene. FluentU helps you learn fast with useful questions and multiple examples. In this scene, a dinosaur toy called Rex tries to scare Woody. !” — The person might be saying “I love you”… while they’re really angry! Take our free level test to help you find your English language level, then find … Learning English with short movies might be the perfect solution for you. Woody also says ‘How ya doin’?’. Developed by Andrey Kramerov, Portuguese Mistakes in English: 51 False Friends, Types of Adverbs in English: All You Need to Know, Skype lessons with a British English teacher, Adverbs of Manner: Full List with Examples & Exercises, Russian mistakes in English: prepositions, Make vs. Do: Learn The Difference With 140+ Expressions And Examples, 10 Best Websites with English Games for Kids, Short for ‘who has done it?’ These films are about a crime, and the audience has to try to guess who did the crime, ‘Science fiction’ – films about robots, aliens or the future, Films with lots of action – about heroes, guns and adventure, Films that investigate something in real life. Here are three reasons I believe it works, and why I recommend learning the language this way. FluentU brings English to life with real-world videos. Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield.Story: Want to know the history behind the invention of Facebook? All of the main characters go to a magic school called Hogwarts. I think it’s stellar! Shakespearian English (which is English used many centuries ago) is very difficult to understand on screen, even for advanced English learners. This will help improve your spoken English. Movies like this are sometimes called ‘indie films’. And because of that, I highly recommend you choose movies you like. After repeated requests from our readers, we’ve created this list of the 5 best movies to learn British English. He is a cowboy toy, and so he often uses very American phrases like this one, which means ‘How are you?’. It is often used to describe how people feel after the break-up of a relationship. ENGLISH TEACHERS. Usually, when we learn words traditionally (e.g. Jane Hawking: What about you? Mrs Robinson says ‘huh?’. This expression is a little rude in English. Throughout the film, Forrest Gump uses a lot of American slang, so this movie is great for more advanced learners too. It’s the perfect way to learn English through movies you love and know will be great. • Learn English with short films When you watch a romantic movie, you might fall in love with the characters too. In films, words are used as part of a story and this context helps you to learn and remember them more effectively. Many people say it is one of the most important movies ever made due to its use of camera work. You said you didn’t want it. We are all different, so a method that potentially works for me will not work for you. Nicknames are common among friends in the UK and America. All Rights Reserved. In addition to having fun in front of your screen, you will listen to a rich and everyday-life English during long hours, which is the best way to improve your skills in a foreign language. This means it is like a religion for clever people who do not believe in god. Don’t watch almost all of an English movie.You won’t be aware of it, and for that reason you won’t learn anything at all. There’s so much variety that you’ll never get bored. Well, it’s all about how you say it. I had that dream again, when everything was normal. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. This movie looks at eight different stories set in London, all of which are about love. Follow us on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/excitingenglishyoutube/Studying English can be a bit boring sometimes, so … Lights, camera, action! In contrast, the English spoken in movies is very natural. The Harry Potter films are a must-see if you are learning English! There are eight Harry Potter films which are based on the seven books by J.K. Rowling, but it is best to start with the first (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone). You can also watch any English movie you want (it doesn’t have to be from this list), but remember to watch a movie that is interesting to you! “Super lazy” type. The phrase ‘before it all went to hell’ is American slang, meaning ‘before everything went wrong’. As you can see, we are super excited about learning English through movies and other video resources. BETTER PRONUNCIATION – Sometimes it can be hard to know how an English word is pronounced. We can also call them a ‘chatterbox’. I think I’m just coming off as annoying. When Stephen Hawking becomes paralysed he has to use a machine to help him speak, which means he talks slower. Toy Story is one of the most successful movies of all time, starring Tom Hanks as the voice of the main character Woody. Sounds like a more fun way to learn English, right? Woody: I was close to being scared that time. It’s the perfect way to learn English through movies you love and know will be great. You’re falling in love with the language while characters fall in love on screen. This means upper-class or “posh” English, which is clear and correct. This sounds obvious, but the most important thing when using films to study English is to watch movies you will enjoy. Animated movie makers You know, things like your body language, your expressions (like a smile, a frown) and your tone of voice (like when you sound angry, or when you sound sad). It’s a seven-part book series (and eight-part film series) about the battle between good and the bad wizards. Many people see it as one of the best films ever made and it is famous for its “twist ending” (unexpected finale). If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn English with real-world videos. Animated films like Toy Story are a great way to improve your English. Through observing actors in films, not only will you be able to learn new words, you will be able to understand how they are said. These are probably better movies to learn English when you’ve reached the intermediate or advanced stage. A mock or joke documentary. Learning English with Animated Movies. Young students can improve their English on this community website, which uses clips from film and TV series. Here’s a few problems you may run into when learning English through movies: If this sounds like a lot of work, and you are open to watching other fun videos, you should try FluentU. And this time, you can try listening to some individual words that you might have checked up last time. The characters might be sad, happy, surprised or angry. As you can guess, the how is often more important than the what to English people. This will help you learn modern English and sound more like a native speaker in terms of vocabulary and style. This means that it is simple and quite easy to understand for anyone learning English. The story shows how Zuckerberg accidentally finds fame and becomes a multi-millionaire – but there is a price.Many of his old friends and peopl… Lots of American slang is used in Toy Story. Harry Potter is one of England’s greatest national treasures. Or you might try to see how much you can understand the film without subtitles. “Star Wars” is another epic film series, but it’s rather strange—the series wasn’t filmed in order. In this scene, Forrest is going to school for the first time. They are both the past tense of the word ‘learn’ and it is okay to use either. Let’s dive in! If you want more movie recommendations, tips for learning English, vocabulary and grammar and more, make sure you subscribe to the FluentU YouTube channel. Love Actually is a ‘rom-com’, which is short for ‘romantic comedy’. Here we are. Learning through English Movies can be effective and fun! If you like magic, you’ll definitely want to learn English with movies from the “Harry Potter” series. Let’s take a look! The best part? It can also be just as useful. ‘Divine’ means godlike or holy, and so ‘divine right’ means that God has given the King the task of leading England. In this extract, he is talking to somebody he loves and he should be serious, but instead he is asking her if she knows how deep the ocean is. You’re the bravest man I know. In the Star Wars series, it is believed that there is a “Force” that holds together the universe. he’s a detective). Why not study both at the same time by watching original films? To do this, you can go to a website called Rotten Tomatoes, which is a website with many great critics and reviews on many tens of thousands of movies. Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or from the Google Play store. Continue reading →, Most sections of IELTS can be improved through self study, but this is not the case for the speaking part of the exam. You can also download this guide as a free pdf to use offline. Ready? To find them, try searching for a phrase like: ‘short films in English’. Language and culture are closely connected. Do you feel you’ve been rehabilitated? For each film, there is a description of the plot (story), an extract from the movie with an explanation of the language used, and a trailer showing a short clip of the film. It also has some very exciting scenes showing the events on board the RMS Titanic before it sank (one of the grandest passenger liners at that time). Lionel Logue: Yes, you do. These are some of the most celebrated films in the history of film, so I hope you enjoy watching them! You will learn natural spoken English in the right context and American or British culture. “you lousy detectives”). Subscribe for more content! After you watch this, magic will never be the same again. Now you start opening up your personal life to me and telling me your husband won’t be home for hours. You'll have a truly personalized experience. It is a charming and funny film. Learn English with these free learning English videos and materials from BBC Learning English. “Titanic” is one of the most celebrated films in the entire history of filmmaking. Vincent: I don’t know. Perfect shortcut to enlarge your vocabulary! It also doesn’t give you an idea where the word is used most frequently, and how it is used. Everyone loves it! Years ago when it was all, well…before it all went to hell. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. But unless you use it, it can be easy to forget. This one was a very successful independent film and won several awards. On the way, he meets another fish called Dory. You give me a drink. Didn’t you ever wonder where your mum and dad learned it all? Submarine was praised for being brave and direct. This way, you already know the story from the first time you watched it. Here’s what I do: if you download a movie online, and you play it, you know how you don’t understand English sometimes? can take anywhere. Titanic is also home to the famous song “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion, which you might have heard of. Learning Guides Feature: Benjamin: For god’s sake, Mrs Robinson. This famous scene is in the first film, and it is the moment when Harry finds out that he is a wizard. Oliver Tate: Ask me how deep the ocean is. If you hear these phrases out loud, they will make perfect sense to you! Of course, you’ll know all about Hogwarts. In this extract, Red calls a prison official ‘sonny’. You might have noticed that in this extract Hagrid says ‘learned’, whereas Harry uses the word ‘learnt’. All rights reserved. By what right? It includes: • engaging lessons; • word lists (with translations, for the beginner lessons) to practice; The language in The King’s Speech is more complicated than in Toy Story. Watching films is a fun way to improve your English! Some of these nonsense words are even used by fans! Forrest Gump: Mama said not to be taking rides from strangers. Hagrid also says that he is the ‘keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts’. As you can see from this scene, lots of slang is used in this film. Overall, this story follows the end of a long battle between two opposite forces of the universe—the Jedi Order and the Sith Lords. One person may be trying to say to the other person “I really love you… why don’t you believe me! How to Learn English from Classic Romance Movies. When watching films, you will hear many regional accents being used and this will help you to understand them better. I didn’t exactly hate them, but I didn’t feel excited at all when watching these films. In this video, you will improve your skills with Shrek, a satirical comedy. Also you will observe the daily life. It’s great to watch movies to learn English, but if you’re watching a movie that is slow or boring, then learning English this way might be more of a challenge, so always choose a movie you like! Movies are ideal for learning English However you should make use of them properly. Oliver Tate is an awkward character. It recommends examples and videos to you based on the words you’ve already learned. You’ll make a bloody good King. King George VI: By divine right, if you must. And I thought, maybe if I was in the band and played absolutely superbly, there’s a chance that she might actually fall in love with me. For example, you can see the phrase ‘divine right’. STUDY ENGLISH The truth is, you can learn English with any kind of English media! You might wonder why you should watch short films meant for native English speakers in order to learn conversation skills.. Starring Dustin Hoffman, The Graduate is not only a brilliant movie, it also has a fantastic soundtrack. Jurassic Park (1993) OK, so everyone’s already seen this – and if not, shame on you. Since we know that some of our English readers aren’t native speakers, and it’s common for them to be exposed to a less internationally-focused English (i.e US English), today we’ve decided to focus on British English alone. ONLINE WITH BRITISH Blimey, Harry. The Theory of Everything is a ‘biopic’, which means it tells the true story of somebody’s life, usually someone famous. I am your King. Whether you want to learn informal, daily English with movies and YouTube videos, or up your game with English idioms in the news, eJOY eXtension got your back. This makes the film easier to understand for learners of English because the main character does not speak too quickly. There is only one person left on Earth, and this film follows him while he speaks about what it is like to be the “sole survivor”. Learn their many meanings, explore real native examples of phrasal verbs in context, and try our exercises at the end to test your understanding. In the first film, Woody meets a new toy, Buzz. This is often used to describe people who have recovered from a drug addiction. With so much choice out there, it can be hard to know which movies to use when learning English! Language Summaries - what English is taught in each story movie set? The main character, Oliver Tate, is 15 years old and the movie shows him struggling to grow up. Submarine is an independent film, which means it was not made in a big film studio. Check out the FluentU free trial and get started on your dramatic and exciting English-learning adventure today! The Theory of Everything is also a great film to watch if you want to learn more scientific vocabulary in English. In this extract, King George is talking to his speech therapist, Lionel. This post is all about short movies and how you can use them to improve your English skills. Red: Rehabilitated? What are you? The FluentU app and website makes it really easy to watch English videos. For fans of film, The Graduate is a must-see. Dorothy Harris: This is the bus to school. Alone is a post-apocalyptic film. This is like a documentary, but it is about something that does not really exist. However, in this context it means chatter or talk a lot about nothing important. There are three Toy Story movies, all of which are action packed, colourful masterpieces about the ‘secret life’ of toys that come alive when there is nobody around. These beloved English movies will take you through the mysteries of Hogwarts and the wizarding world. This is the scene where Stephen Hawking first meets his future wife. These are often shorter forms of the person’s first name, but they can also be invented based on someone’s appearance or behaviour. Check out this top-10 list of classics that includes films in different genres. Watching movies can improve your vocabulary, listening and if you apply a few tricks also your speaking skills. Learn more. Thanks for subscribing! A ‘hiccup’ in this context means a ‘problem’. • How to talk about movies in English. A ‘stutter’ is a speech problem when a person talks with repeated sounds or words. This site will help you learn English and improve your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary knowledge. This is an informal word for ‘son’, but can be used to address a person when you are underlining your superior age (and wisdom) or when looking down on them.